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Quotes I am so proud of Dr. Fulanda, having worked with him in the department of Fisheries- Kenya. I am a co-founder of Kwetu and happy that he did a good job with them. I have also shared your journey through the academics. Keep up the drive and persistence in quality work. Quotes
Dr. Jane Mbendo
Director, Samaki Eco-Sysytems

Quotes Dear Daktari, We do appreciate your progress in your endeavors to master the marine and fisheries field. Its close to 13 years since your last engagement with Kwetu, and we must say that you were and have been a blessing, you're part of the Kwetu roots! your support to me truly gave me miles ahead, and I appreciate you to this day! "Booster" - Kwetu Quotes
Booster - Kwetu

Quotes We do Acknowledge Fulanda, as a scientist of great integrity, a valuable asset to any community, organization and people of goodwill, his EIA assessment of our Mariculture project in 1998 is a signature project of his good will. Quotes
Magarini Aqua-farmers
Finally, at last