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Research Partners-Africa is an executive Consulting Company and Firm on a wide range of fields including Research, Experimental design, Data analysis, Results presentation, reporting and publishing. Research Partners-Africa was formed to comprehensively address increasing demand for data and information needs for Governments, Non-governmental organizations NGOs, Communities, Community Based Organizations CBOs, Scientists, Resource Managers, Educationists and students in the Eastern and Central Africa States. Registered in Kenya under the Companies Act Laws of Kenya Cap 486, and incorporated in Tanzania as a Consultancy firm, under the Companies Ordinance Cap 212, RESPA-Africa is a Leader in the fields of:

  • Marine and Aquatic Resources, Fisheries, Tourism and Wildlife,
  • Agriculture, Aquaculture and Hydroponics, 
  • Mining and ground resource extraction,
  • Arid and semi arid lands management, water and sanitation, 
  • Development Planning and Environmental Impact Assessment, monitoring and evaluation, 
  • Community organization,
  • Resource use management, Law formulation and legislation, 
  • Survey, mapping and production of maps for study sites, 
  • Reports, Dissertations, Scientific/Journal publications/editing.
  • Research equipment supply and hire

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