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Research Partners-Africa was established to provide the highest quality research for its clients. We have a vast amount of expertise and knowledge within the Research industry from working in countries across East, central and southern Africa, and South East Asia and the Pacific.

Our clients include Governments, Established and respected companies, NGOs, CBOs, Educationists, Researchers, Scientists and Graduate students. The success and strong roots developed from Research Partners-Africa has come down to the calibre of the individuals that work for us. We know the importance of people and the human drive for success, and in return for the talents of a professional minded energetic individual, Research Partners offers:

  • Constant support and ongoing training.
  • Growth and Development within your career path.
  • The flexibility of being able to work from home.

If you have the Talent, Desire, Focus and Determination to build and achieve a successful career within the Research industry, please get in contact with us through email, post, telephone or simply drop by our offices in Japan and Kenya. You can also contact us directly here at []

Or write directly to the Director research at

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