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RESPA Education Fund - Supporting Talents, and an Educated Future

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Vision: To enhance peace, manage resource-use conflicts, and achieve sustainable development and peace by supporting Talents and an Educated future.

Mission: To support an educated future by assisting bright children from poor families and disadvantaged communities access education by providing scholarships and other opportunities  at the secondary school and University level by giving back to the very roots that gave us Education.

Our operations at RESPA Education Fund are guided by the following core values:-

  • RESPA believes that our society sacrifices to educate us, and it is a social responsibility of each and every one of us to feed back the very roots which educated us by helping the less privileged and destitute children. 
  • RESPA  adheres to the highest moral and ethical standards in the discharge of our mandate, including transparency and accountability in all aspects of fund management.
  • RESPA works with a wide range of scientist, board members, Volunteers and Funders to achieve measurable goals and deliver tangibly evident positive change in the lives of the individuals and communities associated with our Organization. Every distinction, every success and every  talent we touch in talented students and communities remains a memorable print in the souls of all of us at RESPA
  • At RESPA, we ensure that quality informs all we do through engaging with persons of merit who are committed to excellence. We improve ourselves as individuals, and as a team so as to maintain the highest standards of competence and quality in our work.
  • At RESPA, we value each person: staff member, board member, parent and beneficiary - regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or other variance. Each and every personal strength, attribute and idea remains ideal to the success of RESPA Education and the key to an Educated Future.
  • RESPA strongly believes in the value of giving back to communities as a key driver of social change, development, resource-partitioning and the drive to facing the global impacts of climate change and resilience. The philanthropic and volunteer of those who work with us are evident of the generosity of their souls.

Our Goals:

  • Provide education scholarships and other academic opportunities to the bright poor and marginalized.
  • Unlock the unexplored potential in children from disadvantaged communities by making available a wide variety of new local/international opportunities in Education, Arts, Sports, Science & Technology.
  • Inculcate public service values on the youth by encouraging them to participate in community development projects aimed at achieving community self-reliance and advancement.
  • Protect and promote the right of education for all, as provided for under international human rights instruments and as enshrined in our constitution.


  1. Rose Mina -  Precious Blood Kilungu, 2009-2012 ; Results: A plain
  2. Rose Nzau -  Machakos Girls High School, 2010-
  3. Ben Kithikii Muthoka - Moi High School Mbiruri 2012-

 Our Supporters:

  1. Dr. Bernerd Fulanda, Mombasa Kenya, 2008-
  2. Drs. Elizabeth Mueni, Mombasa Kenya, 2010-
  3. Mr. Jimmy Mutui, Mombasa Kenya, 2012-
  4. Mrs Josphine Kasyoka, Mombasa Kenya, 2012-
  5. Mr. Daudi Maina Nyamu, Nairobi Kenya, 2012-
  6. Dr. Jonathan Munguti, Sagana Kenya, 2012-
  7. Mr. Benedict Kiilu, Mombasa Kenya, 2012-
  8. Robert Muriuki, Kitui Kenya, 2012-
  9. Drs. Gideon Kivengea, Nairobi Kenya, 2012-

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