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Our specialization . . .

 Community and demographic data

Strengthening and empowering Communities, Governments, NGOs, Educationists, Researchers/Scientists and Students through data, information, knowledge and solutions, Research Partners-Africa collects, analyzes, and makes available both Original and Secondary data to enhance understanding of community and demographic conditions, population trends and community needs, natural resource-use and management, and survival-driven response to environmental degradation, resource decline and deterioration, resource-use conflicts and global climate change.

At Research Partners-Africa, Our main goal is to provide data and information to support planning, policy, and action by governments, NGOs, donor agencies, program providers, and the  residents to strengthen and empower both rural and urban communities.

Research and Evaluation

To inform "what could be", We at Research Partners-Africa know well that we must "discover what is" by looking at the condition and status of communities, natural resources, levels of exploitation, and Spatio-temporal trends in the distribution. Research Partners-Africa designs and conducts project and program evaluations and applied research that address programs and issues at the community, village, region, national and regional levels to build the knowledge-base in critical areas, and measure the impacts of the projects and program investments.


Policy - "for the people, from the people"

Research Partners-Africa endeavors to impact public dialogue and provides data and research, while working in collaboration with communities, government, NGOs, CBOs and local groups, to support public policy options that improve the lives of low-income and disadvantaged communities and groups and that strengthen the village economies and communities.


Our Products / Output

At Research Partners-Africa, We know and believe that there is Strength in Data, Information and Knowledge in order to get Clear Solutions to the many Problems that are associated with data-gaps facing governments, NGOs, CBOs, communities, Educationists, Scientists, Researchers, and Students. Therefore we present the results of our work in clearly written, accessible, and user-friendly brochures, pamphlets, posters, project reports,  Dissertations/Thesis and Scientific Publications. We create innovative methods and useful tools for program development and policy making.


 Our Expertise

 Research Partners-Africa works in a wide range of fields, including Marine and aquatic research, Socio-economics, Aquaculture/Mariculture development, Education and training, Safety and disaster analysis, Community training and development, Engineering and design Programs and project development, Proposal writing, Data analysis,  and Race and diversity studies.

Our policy expertise includes community indicators, demographics, early child care, education, adult education and training, affordable housing and habitat protection, poverty alleviation and the working poor.

Equipped with adequate manpower and expertise, from Research Partners-Africa, We bring a holistic perspective to Our work with a wide range of policy makers, funding agencies and community organizations.

Our Services and Programs include:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Auditing and Project Implementation Post- analysis
  • Solar Power and Green energy
  • Natural resource, social, demographic, economic, and manpower data collection and analysis
  • Literature review and environment/Eco-friendly practices research, focus groups, surveys, interviews, and case studies
  • Process and outcome evaluation studies, and research and evaluation plans, tools and methods
  • Review of program records, policies, and procedures
  • GIS / Spatial mapping and resource survey product development, and database development
  • Analysis of Research data and large population data sets
  • Reports and presentations tailored to a range of audiences
  • Dialogue on community data, research, and evaluation topics
  • Facilitation of planning processes and program design
  • Training and technical assistance, and web-based tools and design

We continue to add more and more services to cater for our wide clientele during the years we have been working with the community, NGOs, scientists, researchers and students!

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