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 RESPA - Research Partners for Africa understands the challenges of:

  • successful Project design, and Execution, 
  • Sourcing for Project funding, 
  • Execution of field surveys and data collection,
  • Sourcingand recruitment of high calibre data collectors, Researchers and students,
  • Final part of project execution: Data analysis, Reporting and Publication.
We work behind the scenes to ensure that our clients are aware of and introduced to and work with the best expertise / individuals to suit their job brief and project profile. We achieve this through our knowledge and experience - having worked in the research industry for several years,  RESPA has the experience to know where to look and how best to deliver. This also gives us strong credibility when approaching potential candidates.

Our aim is to provide the highest quality research by developing long term partnerships with our clients based on the delivery of successful assignments. To both clients and candidates we offer a professional service, maintaining high standards of integrity, discretion and commitment

RESPA is a model of a government, NGO, CBO and philanthropic, Researcher/University Partnership that strengthens and improves community livelihoods through data, information, knowledge and solutions and our distinctive capacity to:

  • Integrate data, information, and knowledge across and within systems
  • Connect theory, research, data, information, knowledge, solutions and practice,
  • Bring clarity to complex issues,
  • Assemble top-notch, Researchers, Scientists and Consultant teams tailored to different projects, programs and problems,
  • Deliver programs, services, and products of exceptional value and quality.



  • Preparation of Priority Fishery Profiles for Lamu-Tana Seascape; WWF Coastal East Africa, Fulanda B.M. (Tuna and Tuna-like Fisheries)

  • Developing Sustainable Fisheries Market for Kiunga and Pate Island Community Conservancies in Kenya’s North Coast; North Rangelands Trust – Coast / The Nature Conservancy, Fulanda, B.M. (Team Leader)

  • Environmental Impact Assessment for the Construction of the first 3 berths and Associated infrastructure for the Proposed Lamu Port at Manda Bay, Lamu. February-March, 2014. Fulanda B.M. (Team member)

  • Assessment of impact & design of proposed construction of a seawall on land area abutting the Indian Ocean /adjacent to the Mombasa MPA. August 2013-July, 2014. Fulanda B.M. (Component Leader).

  • Feasibility, Environmental Impact Assessment and Installation of a Marine Hatchery Facility for the State University of Zanzibar SUZA, Zanzibar, Tanzania. August 2012-2014. Fulanda B.M. (Team leader).

  • Ecological and Environmental Impact Assessment of the Proposed Sea Marina and Moorings in Kilifi Creek, Kenya. Fulanda B.M. (Comp. Leader).

  • Ecological Assessment & EIA for Land Reclamation from Makupa Creek (Kibarani), Kenya by Multiple Hauliers (Ea) Ltd; Makupa Causeway. November 2010-January, 2011. Fulanda BM. (Component Leader).

  • Project Development, Community Mobilization and EIA/ESIA of Bonje-Chogongwe shrimp Culture Project, Port Reitz Creek, Kenya. 1998-1999. Fulanda BM. (Team Leader).



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