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From humble beginnings . . .

The Brain child of a Kenyan Marine Scientist, then a doctoral student on Fisheries and ecosystem modelling in Kagoshima, southern Japan, together with several doctoral students then enrolled at the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences (Kagoshima, Ryukyu, Saga and Miyazaki Daigaku) envisioned a new non-profit organization that could undertake cutting-edge research, consultative evaluation, experimental design, data analysis and data networking at the community, non-governmental organization and government level to support Educationists, Researchers, Scientists, Students  and, human services and community development programs and policy. Therefore the main goal of Research Partner-Africa was to address the gaps between Education, Research and Development.

Research Partner-Africa’s professional staff work in collaboration with a network of University and Consultant partners, to undertake projects and programs for the public sector, Philanthropic, non-profit organizations, Educationists, Scientists and Students within and outside of the Eastern and Central Africa States. It is through this work that Research Partner-Africa has built a reputation for high-quality, highly usable work that supports planning, policy, and action thus Empowering communities through Data, Information, Knowledge and Solutions!

Research Partners-Africa has vast experience working in the following sectors:

  • Education: Establishment & Strengthening of Undergraduate/Graduate/Post-graduate training in Fisheries, Marine Ecology/Biology, Oceanography, Research Methodology, Data Analysis. 
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Community based conservation project analysis,
  • Energy and technology,
  • Marine, Fisheries, Wildlife and Tourism,
  • Agriculture, Aquaculture, Mining and Manufacturing industries,
  •  Arid and semi arid lands among others.

Research Partners-Africa was founded by 5 professionals  individuals with combined experience of over 40 years of working within the Research and development industry. The language capability that we have in-house includes English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Romanian, Arabic and Swahili. With our long experience, we can quickly and efficiently deliver everything ranging from experimental design, Reconnaissance surveys, field research and data collection, data analysis, project reports and dissertations, scientific publications and most importantly, a competitive market intelligence.

For Consultancy, Collaboration and/or Other Enquiries, kindly contact

 Dr. Fulanda through / for RESPA-Africa, Head Office, Kenya

Dr. Domician through / for RESPA-Africa, Incorp. Office, Tanzania 

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