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Marine & Fisheries, Integrated Coastal Development, Environmental & Data/Information Consultants

RESPA-Africa - Stabilizing the Unstable, through Long term Coastline Management!

RESPA-Africa is dedicated to marine and coastal ecosystem conservation and coastline stabilization and management.

We employ a Turnkey approach to solve your coastline management problems: from Evaluation, Tailored Solution Assessment to Ongoing Coastal Management - We are with you for the Long term management of your coastline!

Working with an ever - growing team of competent Marine Scientists: Marine & Coastal Ecologists, Conservationists, and Resource Managers, Engineers, Geologists and Oceanographers in Eastern Coast of Africa and the Western Indian Ocean Eco-region, RESPA-Africa provides Adaptable, Effective and Eco-friendly solutions to Coastal erosion for Coastal communities, Home-owners, Beach-front developers, Public utility beaches, and Countries faced with the ever increasing problem of Coastal erosion and/or deposition!

When it comes to Coastline Engineering & Management, RESPA-Africa helps you balance the Social, Economic and Environmental needs for Sustainable Development !

The goal Goal is to Protect property & Maintain the Economic/Environmental value of the Beach by working with Natural Processes!

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    Dr. Jane Mbendo
    Director, Samaki Eco-Sysytems
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    Booster - Kwetu

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